Renting and the Law: Renters charged for replacement of scratched door

September 9

Renting and the Law: Apartment is infested with bugs

August 27
June 18

Renting and the Law: Can threatened tenant break lease?

Q: My brother and his girlfriend have been leasing a home for the past two years. The girlfriend’s son is 21 and living there without…
June 4

Renting and the Law: Going to court over carpet, cleaning costs

Q: Our previous landlord is trying to take us to court to require us to pay for her new carpet and because she said she…
May 21

Renting and the Law: Homeowner who rents to roommates seeks answers

Q: My spouse and I own a house in Minneapolis and have people stay with us for one to three months at a time. Some…
May 7

Renting and the law: Renter bought home, wants out of lease

Q: I purchased a home and want to know if there is a way to cancel my rental lease prior to the end of my…
April 23

Renting and the Law: What is renter's obligation to keep home 'Show Ready'?

Q: We are renting a home, and the lease runs out in one month. The owners are planning to list the property. I have three…
April 9

Renting and the Law: Tenants' adult son has moved in

Q: I am renting a condo to a couple who have a 24-year-old son. When the lease was signed, I asked if anyone else would…
March 26

Renting and the Law: Cat-only building has gone to the dogs

Q: We moved into our apartment in 2012. At that time, the building was designated as “cats only.” This suited us, since both my wife…
March 12

Renting and the Law: Renter needs relief from air fresheners

Q: My downstairs neighbor has air fresheners by both of her windows, and the chemicals waft up into my apartment. I am chemically sensitive, and…
February 12

Renting and the Law: Tenant violated lease; does landlord have to return deposit?

Q: I have a tenant who has overcharged roommates hundreds of dollars on utility bills and intimidated them to the point that I am now…
January 30

Renting and the Law: Landlord questions tenant's calls for police assistance

Q: My landlord has informed me there is a concern because police have been called to my apartment a few times in the past year.…