Renting and the Law: Tenants question cost to replace 'new' carpet

July 3

Renting and the Law: Landlord refuses to let students out of lease

June 20
June 6

Renting and the Law: Seek rent reduction over move for apartment repair

Q: I rent in St. Louis Park, in an apartment building that attracts young professionals and boasts “high-end” amenities. This past Sunday, a water pipe…
May 23

Renting and the Law: Renters bought a house, now want to break lease

Q: We rented a home to a couple who signed a year lease. They now want to walk away from the lease because they bought…
Home & Garden
May 9

Renting and the Law: Lease terms seem unusual; are they?

Q: My child was looking at an apartment lease that had some unusual terms. The terms include requirements for a renter to do the following:…
Home & Garden
April 25

Renting and the Law: Son had to sign lease, but now Mom wants him out

Q: I have a friend who is renting an apartment in Minnesota. The complex required her 18-year-old daughter and 23-year-old son to sign the lease.…
Home & Garden
April 10

Kelly Klein: Parents want to evict son's family

Q: We bought a home for our son to live in about nine years ago. About six years ago, his ex-wife, three children, three dogs…
Home & Garden
March 27

Renting and the Law: Tenant dinged on deposit after 28 years of care

Q: I have an issue with my former landlords. I rented a house from them in Rose­ville for 28 years. My rent was reasonable, and…
Home & Garden
February 27

Renting and the Law: Tenants left their junk behind

Q: My renters moved out of a house I own in the middle of December. They left behind broken end tables and chairs and some…
Home & Garden
February 13

Renting and the Law: Early termination of lease raises questions

Q: I am a landlord, and my lease does not contain an early-termination clause. Our policy on early termination was explained verbally to my tenant,…
Home & Garden
January 30

Renting and the Law: Housemate has become hostile. Can renter get out of lease?

Q: I am currently in a lease agreement with another party who shares equal responsibility for the rent. I am not getting along with the…
Home & Garden
January 16

Renting and the Law: Son wants out of moldy rental

Q: My son lives in Andover. Last week he had a reputable mold-testing company come out to his rental property. The mold test in his…
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