As the Minnesota House began its historic debate on legalization marriage for same-sex couples, the visiting pastor quoted from Isaiah and asked for civility.

"Today we ask for your presence in this chamber. The eyes of the whole state are upon this session. Division runs deep with much passion and emotion. People of religious faith on both sides of the question claim your call for righteousness and justice as support for their position, " said Rev. Paul Rogers, of Minneapolis.

Asking for blessing over the sincere and dedicated lawmakers, he prayed, "as they raise their voices in debate, let there be no pointing of the finger. As they stand in deliberation, let there be no speaking of evil....At this noon day hour, let any darkness or gloom, brought on by the difficulty and gravity of today's session, be driven away with the light of mutual honor, respect and integrity."

After he finished his plea, Rep. Karen Clark, DFL-Minneapolis, began her explanation of the legalization measure.


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