HOUSE HUNTERS Ron Gardenhire's Little Canada home is for sale and is listed on One picture shows a room with many jerseys on display.

lottery fun The Wolves are likely lottery-bound again, and the simulator is a nice diversion. The Wolves are top-three longshots, but you never know.

eyesores New Adidas basketball uniforms were unveiled for several college teams Thursday, and succinctly (and correctly) called them "terrible."

The news that Joe and Maddie Mauer are expecting twins means a never-ending string of bad puns/jokes unless we can all agree to this: By the end of this week, try to flush them all out of your system. If that's not feasible for you -- if you're thinking, "I can't go to this St. Patrick's Day party and NOT tell my 'bilateral egg weakness' joke" -- then let's at least try to purge by the end of March. Other web highlights: