Men like big ol' brawny wines, while women go for softer, more supple stuff, right? Actually, it's time to put that vintage stereotype out to pasture.

The more apt scenario is exemplified by newlyweds Brian and Anna Tockman of Minneapolis. Anna favors "the big, juicy stuff," while Brian has a penchant for more structured, nuanced flavors.

Even when it comes to a single grape, their tastes differ: Anna loves the fruit-forward pinot noirs from California, while Brian is a big fan of the more elegant, delicate pinots from Oregon and France's Burgundy region.

Throughout their courtship, which culminated in a wedding last September, Anna has learned a lot from Brian, a longtime wine aficionado. "I didn't know wine, but I knew I liked reds," she said.

As he shared his passion and knowledge of the wine world, her palate evolved. Now they enjoy a lot of the same wines, including the ripe, rich (but also layered and nuanced) zinfandels that Brian has collected from his long tenure on Turley's coveted mailing list.

"Our palates are closer together than when we started dating," Brian noted.

Added Anna: "I've learned an awful lot, but I still have my own favorite types of wines."

Now she is usually asked to choose the wine on a night out with her girlfriends. Her inclination: "the bigger and fruitier, the better."