By John Millea

Totino-Grace didn't just blow Becker away in tonight's 49-14 victory, the Eagles also blew me away with the combination of their speed, athleticism and explosiveness.

The Eagles showed big-play capabilities, yet they can also grind it out. They just didn't have to do much grinding tonight. Their defense was dynamite, keeping Becker bottled up all night and using turnovers to ignite the offense.

I have seen a lot of Totino-Grace teams over the years, but this one just seems to have more explosiveness than what I remember from the Eagles of past seasons. They certainly have had athletically superior athletes, but this group seems to have taken it up a notch. Maybe tonight was an aberration, but that's why we play the games.

As for Becker, the Bulldogs are a better team than they showed tonight. They simply got steamrolled by Totino. Had Becker been able to get some things going early -- and in the second quarter the Bulldogs offense showed some spark -- they might have stayed closer to Totino-Grace.

But it wasn't to be. Give lots of credit to Totino, but know that Becker will have better days ahead.

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