The pop-kitsch appeal of the "Brady Bunch" seems to have faded, along with the fame of its stars, but it's still "news" when one of them does something, I guess. Radar is reporting that Barry Williams, aka Greg, has . . . gotten back together with his girlfriend!

He accused her of stealing, threatening to kill him, obtained a restraining order against her and had his lawyer throw her out of his home after they had sex.


But now Barry Williams, who starred as Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch, has decided that Elizabeth Kennedy isn’t so bad after all – and is back together with her, has learned exclusively.

Exclusively! Oh, execs in CNN are kicking chairs and popping aspirins today. We mention this only because of the photo that goes along with the story: the longer you look at it, and think "Greg Brady," the weirder it starts to look. Maybe it's the heat. Yes, it's the heat. 

UPDATE: Jessica Simpson (see story below) now "extremely happy." Sources say.

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