Talk about retail therapy! 

Part Craig's List, part venting board, allows scorned lovers to extract a little revenge on their exs by selling once meaningful merchandise like rings, clothing, and even wedding dresses at hugely discounted "break up" prices.

Sellers can also blow off a little more steam by explaining the stories behind their breakups and the items they are trying to offload.

Among the items for sale:


Real World Price: $165

Break Up Price: $65

Natasha writes: "His name was Jeff. He turned into a heel. Cannot wear the boot knowing that it's name is Jeff... although every step I take if I did keep them would make me feel like I was stepping on his head.... hmmmm.... maybe I could keep them. No. Someone else should stomp him. Please take them off my hands."

KINDLE (when the flame died)

Real World Price: $189

Break Up Price: $90

PeteRepeat writes: "I had an ipad. I had said a few times that I didnt want a kindle, but still I got one for Christmas. She used it more than I did - but I took it when we split and now hoping to sell it."

Custom Platinum & Diamond Engagement Ring

Real World Price: $10,125

Break Up Price: $8,750

swichi293 writes: "We were dating for two years before I decided to pull the trigger and commission this piece to propose to her. We had always talked about getting married, having kids, and being together long term. After I proposed she refused to plan the wedding and wouldn't tell me why. After months of arguing I found out that her parents didn't approve of me and she wasn't standing up for me ... or herself. They said I needed to get a job, even though I've been successfully self-employed for over three years. She also told me that since I was in a committed relationship I wasn't allowed to make new female friends unless it was work related. All in all, I recognized the issues that wouldn't change and made the decision to make the split - a decision that has been commended by all privy to the details of the story. I'd like to get this ring onto the hand of someone that loves their partner more than her parents."

On that last item: Yikes!

I'm not sure how many people would want stuff like that. Kindles and boots are one thing but engagement rings and wedding gowns? Too much bad mojo. Plus I doubt the recipient of said merchandise would want to know where they came from.

But then again, a good price can triumph over anything, even residual broken hearts and dried tears.

Actually, I think the website is pure genius because it solves a real problem. Who hasn't gone through the trials of a painful breakup? We either hide all evidence of their existence in a dusty box in the back of the closet until we are ready to open it again twenty or thirty years later. Or we just immediately toss the stuff out in the trash.

Might as well earn a buck or two. 

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