Commenter RandBallsStu (branding!) had a great idea with the help of a couple others on Twitter last night: What if we could help Ricky Rubio get into a better mood by taking him out for nachos? 

We are both fully aware that Rubio is Spanish and nachos are classified as Mexican (or maybe even Tex-Mex) food. But we are also keenly aware that nachos are terrific and should be enjoyed by people from all around the world.



Ricky Rubio needs something to go right.

He’s obviously frustrated with the way this season has gone. Monday night, he slap/punched a stanchion and tweeted just a “…” as a result of the Heat defeating Rubio’s game-if-depleted Timberwolves squad. It’s clear that the losing is getting to him. What can we do to help the young, soulful-eyed Spaniard change his own face?
We can buy him some nachos.
As former US poet laureate Mona Van Duyn is alleged to have said, “You can’t be unhappy when you have some nachos right there in front of you.” Although the quote may be apocryphal, its sentiment is unerring and true. Garbage ballpark nachos, house-made chips and guac at a high-end Mexican restaurant, a plate of Tostitos and well-past-its-expiration-date shredded cheese in your sad apartment’s microwave: the one thing these disparate nacho experiences all have in common is that they are delicious. 
And right now, Ricky Rubio needs some nachos. The Star Tribune’s Michael Rand and I have offered to sit down with the 22-year-old point guard and a plateful of nachos to help him work through what is an emotionally fraught time. 
As suggested by the writer David Roth, a Kickstarter fundraising effort would seem to be in order. However, even if you’re getting expensive, artisanal nachos, that’s still only $10 or $15 maybe, and that seems a bit light for such an extensive undertaking. Michael and I will go halfsies on the plate. If Ricky wants an iced tea or a cola, we will cover that, too, provided refills are free. Don’t call us heroes, it’s the very least we can do.
What then can you, the reader, do? You can increase awareness. I’m asking you to take to Twitter, using the hashtag #nachos4ricky, to give this movement some legs. It can just be a simple text message. It can suggest ingredients, like Manchego cheese from Ricky’s native Spain. It can be a picture of nachos.  It can be Photoshop of Ricky Rubio eating nachos. Just use the hashtag. Perhaps he or someone with the Timberwolves will see it, and we can make this dream into a delicious reality.   
Thank you.
The #nachos4ricky Team

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