The Twin Cities has had a small share of half-price ticket outlets. and TC Tix come to mind, but neither seemed to catch on in a big way. At its height in 2004, TC Tix sold 7,600 half-price tickets

Last year added the Twin Cities in its national mix.Customers sign up free online for no obligation and then receive a weekly e-mail with new listings every Tuesday. E-mails are customized and personalized based on a member's profile. Goldstar currently has 25,000 sign-ups in the Twin Cities (average age 36 and most are female)

Unlike many half-price ticket outlets, many of the tickets are for events several weeks out, not just the same day or for the upcoming weekend. Tickets purchased are then picked up at the event.

This weekend or shortly thereafter Goldstar is offering a great selection of more than a dozen plays, the Minneapolis Beer Fest, City Pages Wine Tasting, Barney Live at Target Center, a sunset and wine tasting cruise on the Mississippi this Sunday (perfect weather forecasted), live swing music from the 30s and 40s, a live salute to the Gershwins, and an odd period piece about insurance salesmen in the 1920s billed as a comedy. 

Not everyone wears bargains on their sleeve as I do, but I haven't heard a lot of people talking about their Goldstar deals. If you've never used it, you're missing out on great entertainment deals. You can cherry pick your shows without a being tied down to one theater or one season subscription. 


I wonder if some people are put off by the handling fees. They're not as high as Ticketmaster, but they average about $4.50. Sometimes, the deal is better directly through the venue, but it's rare that a venue offers its own deal in addition to Goldstar. Children's Theatre is offering a deal for $20 on its 2 p.m. Saturday perf of "Mercy Watson to the Rescue" by local author Kate DiCamillo. With CTC's fees it's $22.50 per ticket, a savings of $21 for adult tickets and $11 for children.  To get the deal, call 612-874-0400 or buy at the site. Goldstar is also offering discounted tickets to the same show Saturday, but its price with fees is $25 per ticket.



Anyone else want to share their opinion of Goldstar?