“A bicyclist at the monthly D.C. Bike Party (an event that promotes fun and safe cycling in Washington DC) gets hit by a taxi while running a red light near Logan Circle. The bicyclist escaped with a hurt ankle and some road rash." Promoting fun and safe cycling would seem to include not running a red and heading into DC traffic, but cyclists are not bound to normal rules of the street. They get to stop. If this happens, the fault is, at best, mutual.




NOW SHOWING For reasons too boring to relate, I was looking through the Google Street View images of Fayetteville TN, and came across this charmer:


I wondered if it was still around since Bee Movie rolled through; a lot of small theaters get knocked out of business by the switch to digital projection. Well, the website says, at the very top, with somewhat cryptic pride:: ONE OF FOUR THEATERS OF THIS TYPE  LEFT IN TENNESSEE THAT STILL SHOWS MOVIES

What type? Small? I guess so. The site goes on to note some details in a personal style entirely absent from the chain-theater experience we’re used to: THE BIGGEST CHANGE IN THE 61 YEAR HISTORY OF THE LINCOLN THEATRE it says in orange letters, and WE ARE NOW DIGITAL in HUGE red letters. In smaller print:


Makes you want to drive down to Tennessee and help out. More photos linked here, at Cinema Treasures, if you’re a fan of small-town theaters. Anyway: back to Google. You may recall that Apple got dinged for its first version of the Maps App - missing landmarks, places mislabeled. Here are some things Google thinks exist outside of StarTribune World HQ:





A school in the middle of the street? On a light rail line? Seems dangerous.

SCHOOL ABUSE ELSEWHERE Yesterday’s story about the kid who was suspended for bringing a cap gun to kindergarten was bad, but it could be worse. From the South China Morning Post:

In one case, a mother, Yong Fen, accused a Shenzhen school of mistreating her 18-year-old son who has autism. She said a doctor had found a rusty needle inside his lower arm; her son told her his teacher had pushed several needles into his arm. On Sunday, her lawsuit against the school was rejected by a court. The Longtan District People's Court has yet to provide a written explanation on what grounds the case was turned down, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

Just like here: no comment. Although there’s hope: a school that used to suspend kids for pointing pencils and saying “bang” or “pew pew pew” has changed its policy, and will evaluate cases individually instead of applying a stupid law without reference to the facts, the student’s intention, and the existence of common sense. “Ordinary objects will not be considered weapons.” It’s a start.



WE MISS LIONEL HUTZ TOO This is my favorite thing on the internet today. The “fake movie poster” genre is a bit played out, but these are brilliant. The movies of Troy McClure. You may remember him from such movies as “Alice Doesn’t Live Anymore,” and “Calling All Quakers.”



Via the AV Club, which had this supercut of every Troy McClure title.





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