Today is camp day for the Wolves, which is why the game is starting at noon.

The Lynx do it once a year. Actually, each team does it at least once a year, when they arrange to have groups of children bussed to the game to watch the local team play. Each group wears T-shirts of the same color and sit as a group, so the very large number of fans who will be here today – upwards of 15,000 – will make Target Center look like a display at a paint store.

Anyone who has been to one of these games knows one thing. The crowd will be very excited and very, very loud. And, because they’re young and not always savvy about what’s going on in the game, the noise is rather unpredictable.

On Tuesday Lynx coach joked about how the coaches prepare for the game by taking aspirin for the inevitable headache and ear plugs to mute the shrieks of the fans. Still, Reeve said, it’s one of her favorite games of the season.

To Reeve, the game is a chance for the Lynx players to do what they can to influence future leaders. It gives young girls a chance to see women play a game professionally, knowing that opportunity will one day be theirs. Young boys see the same thing and perhaps, Reeve said, it will impact their world view going forward.

“Boys and girls get to see strong, powerful women competing, playing professional basketball,” Reeve said. “So they grow up expecting that. Versus, back when I was a kid, the expectation was really different for women.”

That said, if you’re coming to the game, bring ear plugs.

Here are a couple other pre-game nuggets:

--Seimone Augustus will not play today. She will miss her seventh straight game and her eighth overall with left knee bursitis. Also, it became official today: Augustus will not play in Saturday’s WNBA All Star Game. Her replacement will be chosen by league president Laurel Richie. Both Augustus and Rebekkah Brunson are expected to be back right after the break.

That said, Augustus will go to Phoenix with the rest of the Lynx players and coaching staff to take part in pre-game clinics and make appearances.

--Rebekkah Brunson warmed up with the team today, but won’t play. But it’s just another step towards her expected return right after the All Star break. Both she and Augustus expect to be in the lineup then giving the Lynx 11 games to get everybody on the same page before playoffs  begin.

That’s about it for now. I’ll get back to you after the game. 

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