The Duluth college student who survived outside overnight in December is scheduled for skin graft surgery on Monday, according to a posting on her CaringBridge site.

Alyssa Jo Lommel was found on a porch outside her neighbor's house near the University of Minnesota Duluth campus. She had spent the night outside in temperatures that dipped to 17 below.

A CaringBridge post on Thursday praised her doctors' kindness and compassion and said Lommel would need skin grafts on her thigh/hip and knee.

"Since they are going to be putting her under, they asked if she would like to have her amputations done at the same time. But only if she was ready," the posting said.

A CaringBridge post from earlier in the week described a doctor telling Lommel about the amputations, explaining to her "how damaged her fingers and toes were and how hard they tried to save them for her."

Postings on the site describe Lommel's progress in moving around and going to physical therapy. They continue to ask for prayers for her healing.

Pam Louwagie