So we've had this weird idea for about a month. Actually, we're pretty sure the notion came to us sometime during our great western vacation in August, as the NBA descended deeper into its labor quagmire.

Now that the inevitable news is out -- the NBA will delay the start of training camp and cancel some exhibition games -- it is time to gauge interest in our weird idea.

Starting around the time that training camps would have opened -- Oct. 1, so for our purposes Monday, Oct. 3 -- we would write a series of daily, completely fake features about how the Timberwolves were interacting, learnign a new offense and mixing all these new ingredients like Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams in with the holdovers.

We would do this in a way that was obviously fake, yet possibly real -- so as to avoid confusion, but also to hopefully provide some amusement.

Does this sound interesting or lame?

Are you concerned that it will take up precious space that could be devoted to actual things happening, like NHL hockey?

Would you like to contribute to the mayhem in some way?

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