Christian Ponder and his wife, Samantha, shared with the world a picture of their daughter, Bowden Sainte-Claire, via Instagram the other day. They largely escaped the court of public opinion unscathed, save for folks who couldn’t resist taking pot-shots at Ponder’s QBing or their choice for a baby name.

Friday is a new day, as they say, and Sam Ponder turned the page by offering up a tweet late last evening that said this:

She has a point, of course, and a good one at that. While having a sports web site or constantly supporting a sports web site filled with “hottest women in sports” slide shows or “lovely ladies of the day” does not mean you participate in or condone physical abuse of women, it is certainly part of a culture of objectification and at best diminishes your authority on any hot takes about abuse and at worst contributes to a collective way of thought that makes abuse possible.

You can imagine, though, the Twitter replies mostly did not agree. You can read them for yourself, and we won’t pretend to be the morality police here, but we dare say the majority of them reinforce the very point Ponder was making.

Some of the challenges to her point were thoughtful and enhanced the discussion.

The one in which she was asked to fix someone a sandwich before being called a degrading word … that did not enhance the discussion.

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