Reader Eric sent an e-mail earlier today with the subject line, "Interesting Craigslist posting," and text that included the words "I think Terry Steinbach has poor interior design taste." When the corresponding link took us here, to a listing for a couch *previously* owned by Steinbach, well, it was confirmed that Eric knew exactly where our wheelhouse was located. He did the secret knock, and he delivered the goods.

From the ad (posted Tuesday at 12:27 a.m., so there's a good chance the couch isn't there any more):

Free couch available for anyone that may be interested. The couch has served us well but we've recently found a replacement set for the basement. The couch was previously owned by Terry Steinbach about 3 years ago and has two foot rests on the ends. The couch was just placed outside at the address below on the right side of the driveway toward the house. First come first serve basis.

Now: We have no direct evidence proving Steinbach ever owned this couch, nor can we say with 100 percent certainty the Terry Steinbach in question is the former Gophers and Twins catcher (though the ex-MLBer is the only Terry Steinbach we can find listed in Minnesota). We just happen to find it amusing that the fact that it was said to be owned by Steinbach at one time would make a free couch all that more enticing. (Kind of reminds us of the Seinfeld episode with Jon Voight's car).

Perhaps these things are embedded somewhere in the cushions:

*The original recipe for Schell's Deer Brand beer, from the brewery in Steinbach's hometown of New Ulm.

*A copy of Tom Kelly's manual for breaking down college-educated, light-hitting rookies (signed by David McCarty).

*A crumpled-up, tear-stained piece of paper, upon which an anonymous fan wrote, ".263, 12 home runs, 59 RBIs" -- the quintessential Steinbach season, and the motivation he used for his career season with the A's in 1996 (35 HRs, 100 RBI) that helped him land his contract with the Twins.

(Photo of Steinbach and Ron Coomer not included with the couch, but included here for your amusement).

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