Houston Texans running back Arian Foster said players are going to step up at the Pro Bowl this year, but don't expect 100 percent effort.

Foster said Friday after practicing with his AFC teammates that it's unrealistic to expect full effort from the NFL's top athletes when they are limited in the plays they are able to run.

"This isn't basketball -- you can't go play a pickup game of football," Foster said.

Foster said if the NFL expects 100 percent effort from its stars and league officials are willing to cancel the game if they don't see that, then the game likely will be scrapped.

"I think it's an honor and a tradition, but for you to expect the best athletes in the NFL to come out and play a game 100 percent when you can't game plan, you can't blitz, you can't do all these things, it's not going to be competitive like everybody wants it to be," Foster said.

Effort has emerged as the top theme for this year's Pro Bowl as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made clear the all-star game won't be played going forward if it's second-rate football.

Interest high in Revis

New York Jets officials have been noncommital about keeping All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, and that has other teams interested.

Even though the 27-year-old is rehabbing from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, one general manager called the trade interest in Revis "one of the biggest potential trade markets for a player ever," according to a CBS Sports report, and another GM said: "There's a Revis gold rush forming."

The Jets reportedly are seeking a first- and second-round pick for Revis.

According to CBS Sports, the Patriots are interested, along with the Broncos, 49ers, Bills, Packers and Seahawks.

John Idzik, the Jets' new GM, reached out to Revis to ask to "give us a chance" to evaluate the entire roster.

No Crabtree charges

George Gascon, San Francisco's district attorney, said he won't file criminal charges against 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree after reviewing evidence of an alleged sexual assault in a hotel after the team's playoff victory over Green Bay.