Folks, that is not a headline I planned to write today, but each day is a mystery filled with gifts.

And yes, it is absolutely true: Former Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner co-wrote a country song along with former coach Steve Mariucci’s son, Stephen Ray Mariucci, called “Things I’ve Never Done.”

Would you like some sample lyrics? Sure you would. Here we go:

Life looking back in hindsight

Tell me where’d you go

And what if you had 20/20 vision looking back growing old

You don’t want to be sayin’ anytime down the road

you wish you did this, wish you did that

I’m not sure if that’s the part Norv wrote, but it sure reads like it could be a direct reflection on the 2016 Vikings season, during which he resigned halfway through.

The title of the song appears in the chorus with the line, “I just want to do some things I’ve never done.”

Sales from the song (iTunes and Spotify) are being donated to Make A Wish, which is certainly a good cause. For now, you can have a listen right here:

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