Brett Favre expressed his displeasure with the NFL for the $125,000 in fines it assessed the New York Jets, Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum and former coach Eric Mangini for not placing the quarterback on its injury report last season despite the fact he had a torn biceps tendon.

The NFL began investigating the situation after Favre acknowledged this month that the Jets knew he was injured late last season. Favre, who never showed up on the Jets' injury report, said no one from the NFL office contacted him to talk during the league's investigation. The NFL issued the penalty last Wednesday, shortly after Favre had done his weekly news conference.

"I think it's very unfair. I just think it's wrong," Favre said today at Winter Park. "They did everything that I felt like they were supposed to. I practiced like half a day on the Wednesday after we knew that I had a torn biceps. The only reason I brought that up was I wanted to address to them that I felt like maybe there were some throws, or I could have played better and because of this injury ... I just wanted to let them know that. I never asked them to put me on the injury report.

"I can't tell you how many times I probably should have been on the injury report and was not. I practiced, I played, I knew I was going to play. But I wanted them to know that I wasn't too proud to play just to play. I've talked with Mike and just spoke briefly with Eric when we played those guys but [the fine] hadn't come out yet. Just expressed that I was sorry that it led to that. It meant nothing. But I think it was unfair the way they were treated."

Mangini is now the coach of the Cleveland Browns. The Vikings and Favre defeated Cleveland in Week 1.

Favre, meanwhile, said he actually banged both his left and right hands during Sunday's game. He stayed on the turf for a short time after throwing a fourth-quarter pass to Bernard Berrian in the VIkings' victory over Detroit and coach Brad Childress said Favre bent his finger nail on the play.

"I got both hands hit," said Favre, who had a cut between knuckles on his left hand. "My thumb nail, this right thumb got bent all the way back. It's like the funny bone, it doesn't feel good. But that was it. It was a pretty good shot I took."

Finally, Favre also had an interesting comment on running back Adrian Peterson. Favre has praised Peterson before so this was nothing new, but when asked where Peterson would rank, Favre said:

"No disrespect to anyone I played with. He's by the far the best running back that I've ever seen. I was always a huge Walter Payton fan. The guy was outstanding. But he made the most with probably the least, which was so amazing watching him. Adrian has it all. He's big, he's explosive, he can stop and hit full speed in two steps and then he's just relentless. He's a defender when he has the ball in his hands. I'd hate to tackle the guy. But it's unfair to rank him with Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders and those guys because there's still some ... he's got some catching up to do. But he's outstanding."


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