Does your family have phrases or words that only you understand? 


For example, the other night a friend was over and my son said “Hey, Puppies Go Boom is on TV!” 


I knew exactly what he meant but my friend had no idea.  He has called America’s Funniest Home Videos “Puppies Go Boom” since he was two. He  saw a video clip where a dog  tumbled off a couch, and well, went boom.   Granted , plenty of people "go boom" on the show too - however Puppies Go Boom has stuck and Puppies Go Boom it shall always be . Now I just have to explain why it says AFV on the TV screen instead of PGB.


Other examples off the top of my head: 


Vivian, couldn't pronounce Grandma when she was about two. She called them both "Baga"  It also seems to have staying power as well.  


My cousin, Ann Elizabeth,  will always be Biff to our family. I believe the story is that one of my younger cousins  couldn't pronounce Elizabeth.  Biff she became. And  Biff she shall always be.  


Or my old buddy Katie would  often pronounce good as "gweed."  I just thought it was cute. Then years later when Vivian started talking she pronounced good " gweed."   I had a little "aha moment" that spurred me to call Katie.  Sure enough , her younger brother couldn't pronounce good either.  

Hence, "Gweed is Good."


 Hey, wasn't that a quote from the movie, Wall Stweet? 


Many families have a nickname or phrase that stems from a toddler’s mispronunciation or interpretation that sticks for life.  


I rather like it.  It's an inside joke, family lore that bonds us together and a  story to explain.


I think just about every clan has a few examples of their own slang or lingo. 


What’s yours?  I'm curious - and they are  fun to hear.  Share with us below.