Just because kids are young doesn't mean they can't be wise -- especially if they have resources and information.

Teenwise Minnesota gives teenagers everything they need to make smart choices when it comes to their sexual health.

"Teens need access to accurate information about sexual health, learn how to ask for what they need and want," said Judith Kahn, executive director of the nonprofit organization.

She has worked in the field for 30 years and says that not much has changed.

"We're still having the same conversations," she said.

Teenwise Minnesota wants to change that by providing information to adults who come in contact with teenagers, including teachers and youth workers.

It even put the responsibility of emceeing its recent Be Wise benefit at Solera in Minneapolis into the hands of Jeron Mariani, a student at St. Paul Academy.

The 17-year-old had advice for his peers: "It's always important to be wise -- whatever you do."

Sara Glassman • 612-673-7177