Megan Fischer, in red, as Annie. Photo courtesy of the Children's Theatre.


There will a few more "tomorrows at the Children's Theatre.

Director Peter Rothstein's gorgeous production of "Annie," which has been nearly sold out, has added another week of performances. The classic musical, whose title character is alternately played by Megan Fischer and Shawnee Elliot, has been extended through June 19.

The cast of "Annie" includes Lee Mark Nelson as a fine Daddy Warbucks; Teri Parker-Brown as his kindly assistant Grace; Angela Timberman as saucy and soused Miss Hannigan; and husband-and-wife actors Reed Sigmund and Autumn Ness as shady shyster Rooster and his moll girlfriend Lily St. Regis. The two share a sense of humor, a sense of scheming, and, mouth-to-mouth, chewing gum in some eww-y bits in the show.

The production also features witty and deft Dean Holt in a variety of humorous roles.

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