Mitch Berger was a punter, holder and kickoff man for the Vikings, making him quite versatile. He was here from 1996-2001, then kicked around for several other teams until 2009.


We remember Berger for two main reasons other than his kicking/holding:

1) The Snickers bar. He would take a bite of a Snickers bar in-game, which isn't really all that weird. But it became the most fascinating thing ever to TV commentators, which meant that every time a new crew did a Vikings game we were subjected to the same Snickers story.

2) In the late 1990s, we had season tickets -- obstructed view, $99 for the entire year -- and there was a group of female fans that sat near us at least part of the time. They had T-shirts or signs or some such thing that said, "Mitch's [Redacteds]." You can imagine what might rhyme with Mitch. Nice ladies. Real nice.

In any event, those might have been Berger's glory days with the fairer sex. Because we have it on good authority, as pointed out by reader Erica, that Berger will be appearing tonight on Bravo's "The Millionaire Matchmaker."

The host (Patti) trots out former NBA player John Salley to help Mitch find the right kind of woman to settle down with. Will hilarity ensue? Who knows! Will Mitch offer her a Snickers bar? Maybe! Will Gary Anderson wind up in his arms again? Probably not!

It's on at 9 tonight (Central). Erica has already offered to write a review, but we'll take any and all submissions if you want to check it out. Here is a sneak preview:



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