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Continued: C.J.: Being conned by a murdering 'Rockefeller' hasn't jaded author

  • Article by: C.J. , Star Tribune
  • Last update: June 7, 2014 - 7:09 PM


Q: Is there a hole in Christian Gerhartsreiter’s heart or is he just crazy?

A: He has no heart for there to be a hole in. He’s a sociopath, a thorough predator, and people with hearts are his prey. Compassion, to him, is weakness, a kind of idiocy. People who look for humanity in sociopaths are afraid to confront the frightening fact that not everyone who appears human is human.


Q: Was that interview you did OF YOURSELF for the N.Y. Times the best interview ever featuring you?

A: My self-interview was no more revealing than any interview with a writer. A writer creates characters for a living, and the main character he creates is himself. Even Walter Kirn has no idea who the real Walter Kirn is. I think I took myself for a ride in that piece.


Q: Whose conceit was that NYT interview?

A: It was the Times’ idea. Why they wanted to turn their Arts and Leisure section into a version of the Onion that weekend, I’m still not sure. But I applaud their sense of humor.


Q: Describe the underwear you are wearing as you type up responses to my questions. (I learned about his taste in underwear from the NYT piece.)

A: I’m not wearing any underwear at all. Honestly. It’s all in the wash right now. I’m down to about three pairs right now, which seems to happen every couple of months. Soon, I’ll start afresh with a new drawer full. I binge and purge when it comes to underwear.


Q: When did you first start wearing underwear with wild patterns?

A: I started wearing colorful underwear when the mainstream stores started selling it. Why be modest when choosing garments that almost no one else will ever see?


Q: Are you and George Clooney on speaking terms after he hit on your girlfriend while you were on the set of “Up in the Air”?


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