Baking live-wire Marjorie Johnson found Dr. Oz "very charming," but she wasn't willing to go so far as to say the TV doc was sexy.

The proprietor was invited onto the "Dr. Oz" show to bake apricot pecan muffins from page 118 of her book, "The Road to Blue Ribbon Baking with Marjorie," she told me Sunday.

The show's producers notified her at the last minute that the show was scheduled to air Monday.

It was a prank-free appearance, unlike what happens whenever Johnson works with Jay Leno's "Tonight Show." In other words, Dr. Oz didn't suggestively hold up a rolling pin and ask Marjorie to slide the pastry cloth cover on it for him, a sight gag that delighted Leno and his audience in December, as you can see at

"Oh, I tell you," Johnson said, laughing at the recollection of Leno's waggery. "One thing about Dr. Oz, he doesn't try to make jokes on you, so people really learn something on his show. With Jay Leno, a comedian ..." well, that's not necessarily the case. "I have a great time with Jay; he teases me and I tease him right back."

Dr. Oz did cross the line by inquiring about Johnson's age.

"I said I don't go by my chronological age. Everybody gets one year older, but I don't pay anything attention to that. I go by the age that's in my mind, and boy am I young," she told me.

"I do everything you say," she told Dr. Oz when he asked how she stays so fit. "I get my eight hours of sleep, I eat very healthy, and I exercise every day. I said, 'You know, I've been doing what you've been advocating since before you were born.' He got a bang out of that.

"It's great to meet someone you really admire," said Johnson, who often quotes Dr. Oz to her three children, two of whom are doctors. "He's such a charming, nice person."

But is Dr. Oz as sexy in person as he seems on TV?

"Ah, I ... I ... I ... ," she hemmed and hawed.

Answer the question? "Do I think he's sexy?" she stalled. "Well, I think he's very good looking, but the girls, oh man, the girls shrieked, they run up and they have to give him a hug. I did not hug him. I think he is very, very good looking."

Wedding gowns redux

KS95's Staci Matthews' movement to encourage women to wear their wedding gowns again after the big day made a stop at the Minneapolis Depot on Friday night when she and a group of women skated in what they called a "White Out."

It was also an opportunity to sell copies of "Girlz in White Dresses," a book she co-authored with photographer Jess Watnemo Storey.

It was an unusual sight, so I shot video that you can view at

Theater: Don't pay extra

"Check out the prices for the upcoming Lewis Black show at the State Theater," wrote MC via e-mail. "Granted he's funny, but not $275 (balcony) funny."

Don't buy those tickets!

Karen Nelson of the Hennepin Theater Trust said Black tickets don't go on sale at the State until Friday. "It's a rental event presented by Live Nation, and the ticket prices are $39.50 to $59.50," Nelson said. "Whoever is selling them for more is not going through our site. We strongly recommend that if you are going to purchase tickets, you go through the official site, because there are many websites that sell tickets, but those are secondary ticketing outlets. They sell them at inflated prices."

Brandi and Kevin

Brandi Garnett lands, amazingly enough, on one of the good pages in Juicy magazine's 12-page spread about "basketball wives."

Brandi -- Kevin Garnett's girlfriend-turned-wife-he-was-reticent-to-confirm-publicly when the pathologically private NBAer played for the Timberwolves -- is on page 51 of the January-February issue of the mag with an innocuous description. "Stats: Wife of Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics. They have one daughter." Brandi is holding a ginormous cutout of K.G.'s head in the magazine's photo of her in the stands.

What's the bad page in the layout? Page 49. It's devoted to recapping the unfaithful, or as they were labeled "foul," ways of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Julius Erving and Shaq O'Neal.

That mag gleefully recounts Juanita Jordan's "winning shot" as her "estimated $168 million" divorce settlement from Mike.

The magazine also reveled in reminding us of this: "Turquoise Brown was married to NBA Hall of Famer Dr. J for 31 years before filing for divorce. The reason: He fathered two children (with different women) outside their marriage."

Scan-d-lust! The magazine's breathless recitation of these tawdry details should be embarrassing enough to make some pro athletes straighten up and fly right.

As one Minnesota athlete, who's faithful to his wife and doesn't care if his teammates are infidels, recently told me: "They are grown men."

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