AV Club asks us all to “overanalyze another vague ‘Mad Men’ trailer.

Pete’s picking up a ticket and the sign by his head says “To Street” with an arrow! This means he’s going to be fired!

”Mad Men” resumes next month, takes a break halfway through the season, and concludes in 2017, when each episode will be shown in 5 minute servings, letting AMC draw the last season out through 2019.

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VotD “That was an astonishing illusion. I must now consume this brand of caffeinated brown liquid.”

NERRRRRRDS Perhaps the most authoritative assembly of pictures of “white guys wearing Oculus Rift” gear.

They really do make you look odd. I want one so badly.

HISTORY The Valspar renovation has uncovered some Ghost Signs, old painted remnants of the company’s early years. Photos of its original state here. Quite amazing, really: they were painted over, and survived the removal of the murals put up decades ago. Then again, the company made paint, so they probably used the really good stuff. 

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