Logging on at 10 a.m. today at Ticketmaster.com, I was only able to get two of the $55 g.a. field tickets for June 27's concert with U2. And I had to buy them as individual tickets (separate orders), because the site originally gave me a no-dice page when I tried to buy three. Actually, my first order that was rejected was for $95 seats in section 207, row 11, which I got right at about 10:02. For whatever reason, I got an error message when I pushed to purchase (might have been because I had two different Ticketmaster orders going in two windows?). I tried the $95 price again for three tickets, then $30, then $55, and got turned away each time, which is when I went to the 1-ticket request and scored twice.

Anyway, not a total loss on my part. In fact, I'd be quite happy being on "the floor," which in this case should be nice and cushy and will feel more like a "summer concert." That's if I'm not way back in the opposite endzone standing behind the Gophers basketball teams, of course. The tickets were $69 apiece after all the fees, which really isn't all that bad as far as Ticketmaster fees go.

I checked Craigslist and see tickets being offered for not-too-outrageous mark-ups, many for $40-$60 over original price. TicketKingOnline sent out emails yesterday to customers (I'm on their list) offering them for around that much of a mark-up (pre-sale tickets went on sale Wed). The high number of tickets in this case (about 60,000) should prevent scalpers from going too hog-wild, but we'll see.

Please let us know if and how you went about getting tickets to the show, and whether or not you succeeded. And now... who wants to make special requests for what the band should play at the show (they're slipping in surprises here and there)?

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