Gov. Mark Dayton made it clear Thursday he doesn't think much of the political chaos that continues to roil Wisconsin.

"We're better than that here in Minnesota and we're proving that," he said during a meeting with firefighters attending this year's Fire Service Day at the Capitol.

"Obviously, there's been a terrible breakdown in the small "d" democratic process there, which again is evidence of what happens when there's no civil discourse," he continued, compared to Minnesota. In Wisconsin, Republican legislators and Gov. Scott Walker "have taken a 90-degree right turn without any public imput or consideration. That's why we have a five-month legislative session, so people have a chance to be heard."

Noting that the firefighters would be buttonholing legislators, he urged them to "be respectful and responsible even with those of whom you disagree."

Dayton added: "That's why we're not Wisconsin -- We're Minnesota." The firefighters applauded warmly.


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