Democrat Mark Dayton is bringing in some new blood and old Minnesota hands to help him in the coming recount, his campaign spokeswoman said.

Attorney Charlie Nauen, who also worked on the 2008 U.S. Senate recount for Democrat Al Franken, will head up the legal team, said Katie Tinucci, of the Dayton campaign.  Nauen was in charge of the 2008 and 2009 lawsuit from Franken voters to get their votes counted. During the legal challenge, those voters had the first votes ordered by a court to be counted.

David Lillehaug will also be a key legal player in the recount team, she said. Lillehaug was a major player in the Franken recount.

Ken Martin, 2006 gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch's campaign manager, will manage the recount. Most recently Martin was the executive director of Win Minnesota and the 2010 Fund, which funneled millions of dollars into the Dayton-supporting Alliance for a Better Minnesota.

Denise Cardinal will be the recount communications director. She was the executive director of the Alliance for a Better Minnesota.

Tinucci will stay on, as will other campaign staff including campaign manager Dana Anderson.

Franken's main attorney Marc Elias, who handles U.S. Senate election issues, will not be showing up in Minnesota.

"Not this time," Elias said on Twitter.

Tinucci said Dayton and Gov. Tim Pawlenty's office are working to coordinate a time to meet next week. Pawlenty Thursday afternoon said he would make himself available to both Dayton and Emmer.

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