Gov. Mark Dayton Wednesday bashed the WCCO decision to offer him a drastically different radio deal than it offered the previous two governors.

"I wanted to have a chance to have an ongoing dialogue with the people of Minnesota. I can't explain why WCCO had afforded two previous governors the opportunity to be at a decent hour and decided not to extend that same opportunity to me," he said.

WCCO, which had hosted Gov Jesse Ventura and Tim Pawlenty on Friday mornings, had offered Dayton only a 7 a.m. Saturday morning spot. Dayton said WCCO was the only station that would have given him statewide reach but the time slot simply would not have allowed him to connect with the state's citizens.

"None of them fit the parameters that were afforded to my predecessors so I feel it's unfortunate and unfair that I've been denied that same opportunity. But those are decisions that others made," Dayton said.

Asked if the offer was insulting, Dayton said: "I think it's insulting to the people of Minnesota who are being denied the chance to have a conversation with their governor that they had with their previous two governors. I think it shows a lack of concern, which I think is incumbent on people who use public airwaves and public radio and television transmission bands.... to bring decision makers to the people and the fact that they've done so for the previous 12 years and won't continue that, I think is very unfortunate."

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