Mark Dayton walked into his office at about 9:45 a.m. Wednesday for a meeting with his transition team to go over their plans for the next several days.

Asked how he was feeling, Dayton quipped, “Another day at the office.”

He said they are at the “very beginning stage of some of the interviews with leading candidates for commissioners.” They have not made any final decisions, however.

Dayton said they would be discussing transition priorities at their meeting.

“If things unfold today as all of you are reporting, I’ll have a chance to devote full-time to the transition,” Dayton said. “So that will be a great advantage.”

Dayton had not yet heard from Rep. Tom Emmer, who is expected to concede the race later today.

The former senator learned of the likely concession while on a conference call with his recount team Tuesday night. One of the staffers on the call was watching a TV newscast. “We immediately changed the subject” away from the recount.

Dayton said Mary Pawlenty has invited him and his sons to tour the “residential part of the residence” tomorrow. Dayton has not been in the governor’s residence in 20 years, since the Perpich administration.

UPDATE: Dayton spokester Katie Tinucci says the governor-elect will be heading to an "annual holiday lunch" with friend Marvin Borman before today's presser. Tinucci said Dayton had a jovial phone conversation with Emmer and his wife Jackie at about 10 a.m.

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