Tuesday, August 13

I yo-yo the same way that I juggle. I begin with my hands in a comfortable position; my forearms parallel to the ground. Then, with each successful toss of the ball or round trip of the yo-yo, my hands move gradually higher in the air until I’m trying to perform my feats with my hands above my head. I bet Dazzling Dave Schulte doesn’t yo-yo over his head. He is one of only 12 recognized National Yo-Yo Masters (Randy Jackson is another), and he is freestyling today at the St. Anthony Library at 2 pm. Dave is dazzling, so it’s sure to be an awe-full performance, but we’ll have to gasp silently. The show is in a library, after all.


A garden guard at Casa Loma

A garden guard at Casa Loma


Wednesday, August 14

It seems that it was fashionable in the early twentieth century, if you had access to a lot of money, to build yourself a castle. One example is Casa Loma in Toronto. Casa Loma was completed in 1914, but the family moved out in 1924 because they couldn’t afford it any longer. I’m guessing a similar fate befell the Turnblad Mansion, home to the American Swedish Institute. This castle was completed in 1908 but was given to the community in 1929. Lucky for us, because these days the ASI houses lots for us to see, do, and eat! Today you can view an exhibit on glass making called “Pull, Twist, Blow,” and the kids can try their hands at glass frosting from 1 to 3 pm in the Slojd Club for Youth. Glass work unleashes a powerful hunger, so you might want to visit the critically acclaimed FIKA Cafe while you’re there. You know it’s good when the menu boasts ingredients like remoulade, vasterbotten, and arugula emulsion.

Thursday, August 15

Thursdays in the Twin Cities aren’t just for farmer’s markets anymore! Today you have at least five free music options around the metro. Mears Park (Heiruspecs), Bryant Square Park (Dandelion Wine), Como Lakeside Pavilion (Fridley City and German Bands), Minnehaha Falls Park (Sweet Rhubarb), and the Lake Harriet Bandshell (Alison Scott) are all places where you can find your groove. You can probably find free music around Target Field after the Twins game, too, if five-gallon buckets and pan flutes are your thing.

Friday, August 16

If you weren’t able to build yourself a castle in the early 1900’s, you could order a ready-to-assemble house from the Sears catalog. To support an operation of this magnitude, Sears opened nine regional catalog centers, one of them on Lake Street in Minneapolis. Sears abandoned this building in 1994, and it sat empty for 12 years until the Midtown Global Market opened in 2006. MGM now hosts Family Friday every Friday from 5-8 pm. In addition to the free music and activities for all ages, you’ll find myriad unique businesses and restaurants.  Houses, however, are not currently available here.

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