The headlines say: heat will break, but no rain. Well, it rained. Just enough to show it could. In case you want more: put on your headphones and go here.

Ahhhhh. Right? Ahhhhh.

Then again, we don’t want a deluge. Not like this.



Holy Jeezum Crow, as Aunt Patty says: that’s incredible. Special effects in the pre-war movies often look hokey today - when you look at King Kong you see his fur move as he’s repositioned between shots, and he always seemed out of scale when he was on top of the Empire State Building. “Deluge” destroyed New York City with a panache that rivals today’s CGI

As with many old movies, it was thought lost, until someone found a print. “Metropolis,” for example, gets recut every few years, it seems, because someone finds 40 feet of film hanging in the back of grandma’s closet, and they have to reissue the Definitive Edition. (It gets better with every release, too - especially since they recorded the original score, which is remarkable on its own.) More on the movie here, including advertising art. Typical tagline: TEN MEN FOR EVERY WOMAN – and no law known except desire!

Well, desire, and the Hays Code.

(via, in case you think I'm passing this off as something I found on my own.)

SCIENCE It turns out we’re hard-wired to expect a tingling sensation along your leg, which explains phantom cell-phone vibrations. Must have confused people for thousands of years before we got around to inventing the devices. More here.

COOL A very good practical joke: Everyone in the audience knows what’s happening except for one guy, and agrees to play dumb. What about the walls? What are you talking about? Are you feeling okay? You look a little green.




SPACE Somehow this makes me very sad.



More here. Pluto's demotion still rankles some. Once you get planet status, you should be able to keep it. Next they'll tell us Jupiter should be regarded as a SIS, or Small Inert Star.

Short stuff today; on assignment, aka, driving around looking for a column idea. I know! Bad drivers! Don’t you hate them!


No. I will not do that. Or will I? Tune in Friday. See you around.