MANKATO -- There are many Vikings fans who considered Tarvaris Jackson and Brad Childress to be joined at the hip.

But Jackson doesn't see it that way and told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports that the fact Childress talked Brett Favre out of retirement two years in a row should have proven that.

“Obviously not,” Jackson told Silver. “Because he kept bringing Brett in. In some ways, we were joined at the hip, but I wouldn’t say I was Chilly’s pet. Think about 2008 – after Game 2, I got pulled. How many quarterbacks lose their jobs after two games?”

Jackson isn't the only one who doesn't think he was in a healthy situation in Minnesota. The Seahawks agree and that's why they signed Jackson to a two-year, $8 million contract with the feeling he can develop into a quality starter.

“He has not been in a good situation,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll told Silver. “He’s been jerked around. We wanted to put him in a stable situation.”

And how does Jackson like playing for Carroll?

"Oh yeah, it’s a lot different,” he said. “Here it’s all about positive feedback. You can appreciate it as a quarterback: All the dog-cussing and yelling really isn’t good when you play this position. You know when you mess up, when you did something wrong. Here, it’s a focus on what you did right and how you can get better. I’m comfortable with that.”


Here's the story by Silver.


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