Well, you knew this was going to happen. Strong storms in the area have delayed Class 2A boys' golf play here in Jordan. Players were pulled off the Ridges at Sand Creek course at 4:45 and for now play is suspended. No groups have completed their second rounds, though some are just a hole or two away. The rain has not yet hit, nor has any lightning. But - well, just take a look at the photo at the bottom.

Around 3pm, signs started pointing toward this happening. Rain started forming southwest of here, and everyone with a lap top (myself included) started looking at radar. Here's what we saw: those patches of light green quickly turned to yellow and red.

No idea what will happen from here. It's a quick-moving system, so HOPEFULLY we'll get players back out there in an hour or so. Coaches don't seen too concerned; a handful of them are here in the media/officials room glued not to the weather, but the US Open.

Here's the scene outside: