Scanlon’s success

Boys’ soccer

Career record: 573-102-53

Debut: 6-0 victory over Woodbury on Aug. 31, 1978

State championships: 1984, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1997, 1998, 2006, 2009, 2010

Noteworthy: Won a state-record 46 consecutive games from 2009-10.

Girls’ hockey

Career record: 217-167-28

Debut: 4-3 victory over St. Paul Academy/Visitation on Nov. 10, 1994

State championships: 1995, 1998

Noteworthy: Won the initial one-class state tournament, and followed that up by winning the first televised state tournament three years later.

Through the years

Matching up against Scanlon’s team: “I told our players they were going to be the most competitive team we play all year. They compete so darn hard every game, and it hasn’t changed from one year to the next. They are doing the exact same stuff now that they did when he started coaching.” — Danny Storlien, Bloomington Jefferson boys’ soccer coach since 1996

Comic relief: Scanlon breaks up practices by having players tell jokes. He pegged Jon Lowery, former Big Ten all-conference first-team selection at Ohio State and pro player and now soccer coach at the University of St. Thomas, as the worst. “Jon had a dry sense of humor. He needed to show more emotion. Hey, he was a goalie, and we all know goalies are boring.”

What Scanlon does best: “He brings out a lot of positive energy in people, whether it’s kids or adults. He will have fun doing it, too.” — Chris Lee, longtime assistant coach with both programs