"Not 10 seconds ago I was sitting here thinking, 'Oh my God, I did his last movie with him,'" Kelly Carlson said Tuesday when asked about Sydney Pollack's death.

Carlson said she had just returned to L.A. from Toronto, where she has been visiting her boyfriend, former NHLer Tie Domi.

Pollack was a prolific producer and director, who also was in a wonderful movie with another famous Minnesotan: "Tootsie" with Jessica Lange.

In "Made of Honor," Carlson "played his wife. I had a small part, like two scenes." She laughed when recalling, "I played [Patrick Dempsey's] stepmom. That was the biggest deal for me when they offered me the movie because it was a really small part, when they said you're opposite Sydney Pollack. I didn't even negotiate anything. I just said, 'Yes, yes and yes.' ... That's a huge career highlight for me."

Of Pollack's death Monday, she said: "That's so sad. I knew he had cancer."

Now I have to go see "Made of Honor," which was just another production I didn't need to see because Dempsey's appeal eludes me.

"I'm just in the very beginning. I'm just obnoxious in the beginning and then [my part] is over, so you don't have to suffer through the whole thing," said Carlson, who is not into romantic comedies. "Seriously, there are very few romantic comedies I can watch, so I understand. It is a really cute movie and Michelle [Monaghan] and Patrick do a really good job."

A show like "Nip/Tuck" is much more Carlson's speed, and she's delighted to continue playing Kimber on the racy FX show. Last season was just so weird that not even a desire to support Carlson could make me watch.

The upcoming season "won't be as weird," said Carlson, who said I'd wet myself if she told me what Kimber was up to now. "It's not sexual or anything," said Carlson, whose mother, who lives in the Twin Cities, will be relieved to read that. "But it's funny, it's wrong," Carlson said.

Carlson has been dating the former NHL enforcer Domi since December. "He's been to Minnesota; it was [a quick trip] but we'll be coming back."

"He's a great guy," she said.

So is this looking serious, or as serious as Carlson gets? "Exactly!" she said, laughing. "For sure." People tell me Carlson doesn't seem to fall in love. In other words, she is not like too many silly Hollywood stars who are always falling in and out of love.

"He's one of those guys, and you'll appreciate this as somebody who knows sports, who could have played football or hockey. One of those natural athletes. You can talk to him about sports," she said, who sounds extremely happy about this romantic Tie-up.

Domi's unusual spelling of his first name made me curious as to what his real name could be. "He won't tell me. Oh, I know you can," she said, when told that I could find out.

It's Tahir.

A cold Hot Hoagie

Ryan Hoag couldn't possibly have wanted a relationship with ABC's current Southern fried ditz of a "Bachelorette," DeAnna Pappas.

Minnesota's Hot Hoagie got bounced off the show Monday night on episode two. "If she'd rather be with Jeremy, if she'd rather be with Twilley, if those are the guys that she's going for, what can I do?" Hoag said in parting remarks over the corny soundtrack. "There are few women in the world [who] truly intrigue me. DeAnna was one of them. In an ideal world this would end with a happy ending and me and DeAnna getting married."


When I talked with Hoag on Tuesday, he seemed not to recall sounding disconsolate about getting dumped by DeAnna. "Trust me, there was no chemistry from the jump with that girl," Hoag said. "I mean, that's real, right there. There was no connection. I'll be honest." So why did Hoag seem disappointed? "When did I seem disappointed?" he said. This must be a bout of reality TV show amnesia (which can also manifest itself as a case of the Twilleys.)

One thing the other guys on the show are never going to forget: Hoag admitting to being a 28-year-old virgin as a result of his religious faith and a desire to be different.

Not swearing is among the values Hoag holds dear, and he finally recalled what word he said that got bleeped.

He told Jeremy he was behaving like a Richardhead, using the nickname. "If that's one they want to pin on me as being a curse word, then go ahead," Hoag said.

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