Built in 1960, this cedar cabin was constructed entirely from milled cedar power poles. During the course of a single summer, everything from the drop siding to the tongue/grooved paneling to the 2- by 6-foot rafters to joists were walked in about a quarter mile. A “sand point” was driven about 16 feet into the ground with a pitcher pump added, providing the hunters with cooking and washing water for the past 50-plus years. “Hydawain” is heated by a vintage 1930s porcelain cooking range, and the lighting “system” consists of two white gas-powered Coleman lanterns. The rustic look of “Hydawain” is enhanced by the surrounding mature white pines. Needless to say everything is “old style” — much like the beer we drink here during hunting season.

The cabin was built by John Setnicker and his two sons, Norm and David, and is on a 40-acre tract in the Superior National Forest, just 2 miles north of Giants Ridge near Biwabik. The cabin has an interesting hunting history. My dad and his buddy, Frank Strukel, have introduced their sons and grandsons to the property’s hunting ancestry. Within the next five years their great-grandchildren will be occupying those homemade bunks and eating off the varnished oak table.

Norman Setnicker, Mahtomedi


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