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Brouhaha in Canada over patient records

Posted by: Janet Moore under Target Updated: April 26, 2012 - 8:36 AM

The Toronto Star has an interesting story today about a group of Zellers pharmacists who are seeking an injunction in Canadian courts that would prevent the retailer from selling patient records to two grocery chains.

The controversy is a kind of retail collateral damage related to Target's $1.8 billion deal to open stores in 135 former Zellers locations in Canada next year -- part of the Minneapolis-based discounter's strategy to move northward.

Target apparently had the option to buy thousands of patient records, but opted not to. Here's the story we ran last November.

Instead, the records were sold to grocers Loblaw Cos. Ltd. and Metro Inc.

Now, some Zellers pharmacists are claiming in court that the deal violates patient privacy rights. But Zellers countersued saying it owns the records and can legally sell them.

Janet Moore is a Business Reporter for the Star Tribune.

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