10 p.m. • Triple Rock • 18-plus • $5

Nothing like a Christmas present from our favorite local Muslim rapper: Brother Ali is offering a cheap, intimate show born out of the Rhymesayers-run "Hip-Hop Essentials" class at Minneapolis' Institute of Production & Recording. Students and faculty get in free. For the rest of us, it's first-come, first-served. Here's hoping the weather outside is not frightful. Plain Ole Bill will DJ with Ali. Aikiiltm and Syilent P open. CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER


7:30 p.m. • Fitzgerald Theater • $37

In a more blessed career, Parker would be as celebrated as his contemporary Elvis Costello, thanks to more than three decades of smart, sassy, soulful punk-pop. Instead, the 62-year-old Brit is better known as a bitter underachiever who's burned more bridges than Gen. Sherman. But Parker's luck -- and mood -- may be changing. Director Judd Apatow ("40-Year-Old Virgin," "Knocked Up") asked him to play himself in the new film "This Is 40," opening Friday. That same week, Parker decided it was time to record and tour with the Rumour after a 31-year break. Many of the songs from their new collaboration, "Three Chords Good," will be spotlighted at Wednesday's show along with the group's best-remembered numbers from the late '70s ("Local Girls," "Discovering Japan") and chestnuts from Parker's solo career ("Get Started, Start a Fire," "I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again"). NEAL JUSTIN