First, Jose Bautista is an animal. Second, Thursday night's 13-2 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays was not easy to watch -- the Twins offense was nowhere to be found. And how is it possible for the Jays to hit all those home runs this season and still have absolutely no shot at making the playoffs? Sure, they're in a tough division, but you'd think the team who leads all of baseball by a mile with 253 homers and is sixth in RBI in the American League would have won more than 83 games so far this year... It kind of boggles my mind.

Speaking of the playoffs, I hope Francisco Liriano realizes he can't pitch like that next week and expect to get away with a victory. Stranger things have happened, but giving up three bombs to the New York Yankees or Tampa Bay Rays is likely a game-decider... especially when the Twins can't muster up more than four hits behind him all night.

Okay let's calm down. No need to panic. The reality is, slumps happen, and Minnesota is struggling with one right now. Hopefully, they're nearing the end of it, right? Right.

Anyway, there are just three more regular season games left in the 2010 season to get back on track. The playoffs officially begin next Wednesday and as it sits right now, the Twins remain a game behind for home field advantage throughout the AL postseason. While they try to take care of Toronto, Tampa will move along with their four-game set against Kansas City this evening at 8:10pm after dropping game one last night. Go Royals. Meanwhile, the Yankees begin a three-game series in Boston this evening. Go Sawx.

It was good to see Joe Mauer make an appearance at designated hitter last night, even though he went 0-4. Gardy says he plans on using Man Muscles behind the plate for game two just to see how he feels. Also, due to a sore knee, Jon Rauch will sit out the rest of the regular season while his playoff status is uncertain. I'm okay with that.

More good news: Justin Morneau participated in pre-game batting practice Thursday and is hoping to take part in the ALCS, should the Twins make it that far. Thank you Patron Saint of Head Injuries!

That reminds me, our Canadian Crusher gave his teammates a pretty sweet gift recently to honor their division title: a bottle of Crown Royal Black with a personalized embroidered bag including each teammate's name and 2010 Division Champions. What a good friend.

Some very sad news: Wally the Beer Man has been suspended for selling beer to a minor. Read more about those cruel and tragic shenanigans here.

Much like Mr. Christie from NoDak Twins Fan, I'd love to hear your special moments from the inaugural season at our gorgeous Target Field. Feel free to put your memories in the comments section with links to any pictures, or email them to me. I love hearing great baseball stories!

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