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Neshek watch: This makes me happy

Posted by: Howard Sinker under Twins pitching Updated: February 16, 2010 - 2:06 PM

If you're on Facebook and you're not friends with Pat Neshek, I urge you to remedy that deficiency.

Earlier today, he pitched batting practice against live hitters and had this to report on his page:

"I threw against hitters again today and I had my best stuff yet. My slider was better than my pre-injury slider, my catcher Korey Feiner said my fastball was 88-90 with good sink and location. I'm very pumped up with the outing a ton of great comments from the hitters I faced and people watching...the best feeling was watching hitters not swing at strikes...feeling great and ready!"

The only reason I'd be skeptical of Korey Feiner is that he batted .153 last season -- in the Class AA Southern League, which means he could have the potential to mistake Brian Bass for Bert Blyleven.

But it's February and Korey wouldn't lie to Neshek, right?

To me, there is absolutely no way you can root against a player who does such a good job of communicating and keeping in touch with his fans. I'm not saying that all players should do this because I don't think most of them have as much to say as Neshek.

But it's cool to see a player getting his message out on his own. This ain't

And if you don't do Facebook, Neshek has a website here, Scroll down a bit and check out his Bad Letter of the Month, which starts: "You're my favorite player" and goes downhill quickly. Are some people that stupid?

And if you're on Twitter, Denard Span is a must-follow.











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