When I was in grade school, this would have been concept art in Life magazine:

Now it’s an ordinary sight. Oh yeah right, space. But if you’re the sort who grew up thinking you might take a Pan Am craft up to the Space Staton where you’d look out the window at Earth, enjoying a cup of coffee from the nearby Howard Johnson's, this is for you:

Live streaming video by Ustream

As much as I’d love to link to the page where I got this, I can’t; it’s a family newspaper, as we like to say. You’re asking: how NSFW can a science page be? It’s called IFLS, or I (bleeping) Love Science, and the effenheimer is right there in the name of the page in your browser bar. Some people may find this offensive; I find it banal and childish. According to the editor’s blog, the site is teaming up with the Science Channel, which I expect will not say the name of the site, because they don’t want to be the ones who assist the general acceptance of the F word as a normative lingo. But it’s en route; I’ve always said it’s a matter of time before it’s on a billboard somewhere. This ad is running in the paper:

Tee hee! Oh, these people are so brave.

WEB A reminder: if you write headlines in the afternoon, don't drink at lunch.

Of course, no one drinks at lunch anymore. That would be a sign of a problem. When I went to work in DC there were reporters who put away four drinks over lunch and slept at their typewriter for the afternoon, but that changed; the younger generation had no intention of dulling their edge. But this Brit, writing in the Spectator, wants to save the boozy lunch:

The City has been suffering under this tedious American tendency for the best part of a decade now, but it’s spreading like the pox. It makes it much harder to stagger in after a three-hour lunch and gently snooze through till teatime under the beady gaze of your boss or rival colleagues in a big open-plan office. ‘The demise of the boozy lunch can be linked to the rise of the mobile phone,’ Simon Walker from the Institute of Directors tells me. ‘It was far easier to order that second bottle of claret when you didn’t have two smartphones on the table blinking away at you, reminding you of your impending 3 p.m. meeting.’

A lost cause, and he knows it.

MOVIES Prometheus sequel about to start shooting: March 6th 2016 is the release date, bringing the number of disappointing Alien movies up to five, I think. Not counting AvP. I know, I know, Promethius wasn’t an Alien movie, except everyone knows it was, and it’s bizarre to pretend that it wasn’t.

ART while ago I linked to some shots of Minneapolis taken by a visiting Chicago Trib photographer; here’s more. Worth the look: he’s very good. And I don't just say that because he mentioned this blog in the piece. 

Well, not entirely