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Al Sicherman writes the Tidbits column for the Taste section. He is a retired columnist for the Star Tribune. In 1989 his son Joe died after taking LSD. The column Al wrote then: A father's plea: Be scared for your kids was widely reprinted. In 1999 Al wrote a new introduction to that column: Ten years after Joe's death, grief and a message endure.

Recent content from Al Sicherman

Tidbits: Instant oatmeal, pasta sauce

Actual fruitThere’s something new in the instant-oatmeal aisle. Fruit. No, not dried chips of peach-flavored apples. Not even dried chips...

Updated: December 17, 2014, - 02:26 PM

Tidbits: Açai candies,

Chocolates with whole fruitMr. Tidbit recently discussed Brach’s and Brookside chocolate candies with açai-blueberry-flavored centers. There isn’t a whole lot...

Updated: December 10, 2014, - 02:10 PM

Tidbits: Skillet sauces, Keebler's crackers, Hillshire snacking

SaucyMr. Tidbit doesn’t know why, but there seems to be a sudden profusion of “skillet sauces” — something you add...

Updated: December 03, 2014, - 11:20 AM

Tidbits: Bite-size PB&J, chipotle chicken bowls, Oreos' welcome return

New PB & JThere are many entries in the fruity-chewy-type snack section of the supermarket, and until recently Mr. Tidbit...

Updated: November 26, 2014, - 10:09 AM

Tidbits: Beech-Nut baby food, Progresso chili

Just too muchIt has been a long time since Mr. Tidbit visited the baby food aisle. A very long time....

Updated: November 19, 2014, - 12:18 PM

Tidbits: Yoplait, Oikos Greek Yogurt Dips

Yogurt for drinkingNew from Yoplait is Yogurt & Juice, in four flavors — strawberry, pineapple mango, berry pomegranate and strawberry...

Updated: November 05, 2014, - 01:23 PM

Tidbits: Nestlé

Costly delightNestlé, which owns the name “Toll House” (after the inn where the chocolate-chip cookie originated more than 75 years...

Updated: October 29, 2014, - 01:55 PM

Tidbits: Ghirardelli and Oreos

Mini squaresThe folks at Ghirardelli, not content to sell you large chocolate bars in 22 different flavors and little individually...

Updated: October 22, 2014, - 01:07 PM

Tidbits: Chex, Quaker and Bumble Bee

Oatmeal newsMr. Tidbit recently made a smallish fuss about the gluten-free oats in a yogurt selection from Chobani. Then, noting...

Updated: October 15, 2014, - 01:16 PM

Tidbits: Hunt's and Russell Stover

Kit and kaboodleThere are some folks, Mr. Tidbit knows, who think he is being excessively cynical in his view of...

Updated: October 01, 2014, - 01:41 PM

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