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Nancy Rose is a horticulturist with the University of Minnesota Extension. To ask her a gardening question, call 612-673-9073 and leave a message. She will answer questions in this column only

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Don't throw in the trowel

With a few quick fixes, you can perk up your veggies and flowers and keep your garden looking good until the weather stops you cold.

Updated: August 24, 2010, - 04:14 PM

Embracing garden shade

Instead of turning your back on a shady corner, turn it into a sweet retreat by using made-for-the-shade plants that pop.

Updated: August 03, 2010, - 03:52 PM

Older isn't always better

Heirlooms are hot commodities in many gardens, but these tried-and-true plants, while popular, aren't always the best choice.

Updated: July 06, 2010, - 03:49 PM

Saving seeds

Seed saving is a way to grow locally and preserve memories as well as plant diversity.

Updated: September 07, 2009, - 05:12 PM

Don't clearcut your garden in fall

Instead of clear-cutting your garden in fall, leave some stems standing to catch your eye - and the insulating snow.

Updated: August 16, 2009, - 11:14 AM

Best bet bulbs

Getting bulbs to come back year after year can be difficult unless you choose bulbs that promise many happy returns.

Updated: August 16, 2009, - 10:40 AM

Ornamental grasses bring a welcome shot of drama to the autumn garden.

Whether you grow them for their showy seedheads or their fall foliage, ornamental grasses bring a welcome shot of drama to the autumn garden.

Updated: August 16, 2009, - 10:32 AM

Digging In: Much ado about mulch

Warmer weather doesn't lessen the need for winter mulch. Because we can't rely on a thick layer of insulating snow, mulching is even more important, so don't toss all those leaves.

Updated: August 16, 2009, - 10:28 AM

Digging in: Where buds fail, mold may lurk

Q Last spring my peony had buds, but the buds never opened. My neighbors had their lawn sprayed at about...

Updated: March 27, 2009, - 10:23 AM

Gardening column: The ins and outs of growing starters

QMy daughter is getting married in August, and she and I would like to grow flowers for the...

Updated: March 27, 2009, - 10:20 AM

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