In case you haven't heard, Reds minor leaguer Billy Hamilton broke a record about which you might not have been aware: stolen bases in a minor league season. He now has 147 steals this season after swiping four bags last night, topping Vince Coleman's record of 145.

There are two great things about this:

1) There was ANOTHER Billy Hamilton more than 100 years ago who was one of the all-time greats stealing bases in the majors. What are the odds of that? He played almost all of his career before 1900 rolled around and finished with 914 steals. They need to get cracking on Field of Dreams II, so the Hamiltons can meet and have a run-off.

2) The collision between old-school (the stolen base) and new school (OBP) that Hamilton brings to the table. Plenty of modern speed demons were not great on-base guys. That, plus the risk of making an out, perhaps helped lead to the Moneyball stance that stolen bases are overvalued. We get it; guys like Rickey Henderson (.401 career OBP) and Tim Raines (.385) were exceptions. Vince Coleman, Lou Brock, Maury Willis, Omar Moreno, Ron LeFlore and Jose Reyes -- additions in the past 50 years to the single-season stolen base list -- were dangerous IF they got on base. None has a career OBP higher than .343.

Hamilton, though, has those 147 steals, has been caught only 33 times (that sounds like alot, but it's still an 82 percent success rate, higher than Henderson's career MLB rate of 81 percent) and can boast of a .417 on base percentage this season. He walks a ton (80 this year) strikes out a lot (101 times), hits for average (.317) and steals bases like crazy.

He is Moneyball meets Joe Morgan (a player who, ironically, had crazy-good advanced stats with all his walks despite professing not to like them). Hamilton will break the Internet if he's not careful.

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