While we wait for Wednesday's news conference that will introduce Rick Adelman, here's a quick update about what's going on with the new coaching staff that will replace Bill Laimbeer, Dave Wohl and Reggie Theus.

All three of those guys have a year remaining on their contract and could be re-assigned to scouting or other front-office jobs like David Kahn did with outgoing assistants when he hired Kurt Rambis two years ago or like he tried to do unsuccessfully with Rambis in July.

Some tidbits:

* As I reported last week, Portland assistant Bill Bayno will be hired and Adelman's son, R.J., definitely is coming along from Houston as well.

* Adelman would love to add Elston Turner -- his No. 1 assistant in Houston -- but it's doubtful whether the Suns will let him go. Turner, a finalist for the Wolves' head job in 2009, accepted a job in Phoenix earlier this summer. Technically, he isn't the No. 1 assistant there, Bill Cartwright is.

* Jack Sikma and T.R. Dunn -- members of Adelman's staff in Houston -- aren't signed, sealed and delivered as far as I know right, but are good bets to be added.

And one other thing I just tweeted that has nothing to do with the staff news...

I've been wondering which Timberwolf will benefit most from Adelman's hiring and the guy I keep coming back to is...Wes Johnson.

Unless they shake up the roster coming out of a labor agreement, Adelman probably will be forced to play Johnson  mostly at shooting guard, even though he's a natural small forward might be just as suited to play power forward as he is shooting guard.

But Johnson got practically nothing last season out of cutting off the ball and get to the basket. Instead, he settled far too often for shooting over smaller shooting guards who he couldn't dribble by.

Adelman's offense is all about cutting and moving and he should be able to utilize Johnson much more than did Rambis, whose offensive philosophies actually are quite similar to Adelman's.

Who do you think will most thrive under Adelman, and languish?



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