As people used to say before it stopped being remotely clever, you’ve probably never heard of them. Neither had I, but now I have - thanks to a brilliant piece of internet philanthropy: Forgotify. It’s a site that calls up Spotify tunes no one has played. Ever. You’re the first. It makes you feel bad for not listening to the whole thing; hitting NEXT after a minute would be like going to the restroom on a blind date and ducking out the window.

The next step is telling everyone what you heard, right? I’ll spare you that, since thats often an opportunity to parade one’s rarified tastes, or name-drop. Okay, yes, the first tune was a nifty jazz combo with some Martin Denny in the piano, and the second was a female singing group straight out of “Hairspray.” The fun is passing along the things you learn when you google the artists. The Shirleys, according to wikipedia, were a Philly girl-group active in the early 60s; they recorded “Pop Pop Pop-pie” to cash in on the “Popeye” dance craze.

The Popeye? Who knew? This site praises funk progenitor Eddie Bo, and notes:

Stax put out a whole album of Popeye tunes by the Mar-Keys. Ernie K-Doe jumped in with "Popeye Joe" on Minit. Don Covay was doing "The Popeye Waddle" on Cameo. Chubby Checker had the biggest hit of all when "Popeye (The Hitchhiker)", the B side of his #2 pop hit "Limbo Rock", broke the top ten on its own in October of 1962.

Google some more, and Mefi helps:

Down in New Orleans / where it got its start / everybody's doing it from dawn to dark.
Let's do it, Pop Eye The Sailor Man.
Put your hands on your hip / let your backbone slip, do a little wiggle

And that leads us here.

Seems like a good diversion for a Friday, no? Forgetify is here. The name suggests it drives popular songs out of your mind altogether, but no site can do that. Yet.

DESIGN NPR spotlights another improvement to the boarding pass, just in time before it goes away for good. These are attractive designs. I prefer to use my phone, but phones go dead. When I got to the line to board last Monday, I called up my Delta app and it had LOGGED ME OUT. I could try to remember my password and get it back and lose my space in the line and possibly have to check my carry-on, or use the screen grab version I took just in case. That’s where you want the retinal scan. No one lost an eye in an airport.

VotD When rocking your car out of a snow furrow, remember: take it out of drive.

DESIGN Gizmodo rounds up some cities that have “branded” themselves. This means hiring someone to come up with a logo, whch is subsequently seen on airport gift-shop mugs and T-shirts. The European examples are smart and sharp. The Yonkers example is banal, but it was the most popular. Maybe we should give it a try. Yes, yes, we tried, once:

Could it be upgraded? Yes: check out these revised Minneapple logos by Doug Novak.

Now that you're done here, why not wander over and watch the Boat Show video I did yesterday, produced and edited by Shari Gross? Here you go.