This is a list of recent business-related bankruptcies filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The number after the filing date is the case number. A Chapter 7 petition is for liquidation of the business; Chapter 11 (or Chapter 12 for farmers or Chapter 13 for small businesses) gives protection from creditors while the business is reorganized.


SB Hotel Management Inc., 1650 W. 82nd St., Bloomington; filed March 1, 13-40999; Chap. 11; no schedules filed. Amarjit Singh, president.

Deep Well Inc., doing business as Crash & Sue’s, 510 Marquette Av., Minneapolis; filed March 7, 13-41092; Chap. 11; no schedules filed. Heidi Mae Habben, president and CEO.


Roger Dean Tolle, formerly doing business as T&T Auto Sales and Consignment, Mankato; filed March 4, 13-30964; Chap. 7; assets, $11,913; liabilities, $56,029.

Victor Carmen Dorso, as surety for Cedar Air Transfer Inc., 3035 Eagandale Place, Eagan; filed March 5, 13-30993; Chap. 13; no schedules filed.

James Patrick Darlington, doing business as Darlington Construction, St. Cloud; filed March 5, 13-30998; Chap. 13; assets, $20,154; liabilities, $343,800.

Jeremy R. Wirtz, as surety for Wolf Protective Agency Inc. and Gulf Coast Protective Services, 500 N. Robert St., St. Paul; filed March 7, 13-31017; Chap. 7; assets, $37,440; liabilities, $382,904.