On the stump in Iowa, Michele Bachmann has been trying out new storytelling techniques, including one where she uses husband Marcus as a prop in a cautionary tale about government spending.
Friday in Indianola, Bachmann pulled open her dress pocket to show that it was empty – literally and metaphorically. Then she turned to Marcus, who is almost always behind her on stage, and asked to borrow a dollar bill.
Marcus obligingly handed over a buck, and Bachmann folded it to illustrate how much the federal government borrows of every dollar it spends (nearly half), and how much of that is eaten up by interest on the debt. (video below)
Then she handed the dollar bill back to her husband.
Suddenly a male voice was heard from the back row: “It don’t work that way in our house! I’d never get that dollar back!”
Nimble on her feet, Bachmann replied: “He can trust me with a dollar, and you can trust me with a dollar too!”


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