Jason Buck attempts a gogoplata submission on Marcus LeVesseur (photo courtsey of Ben Pherson and MNMMANews.com)


 A very predictable night of fighting ended in a shocking upset and a controversial stoppage in the final two fights at the Havoc at the Hyatt 2 mixed martial arts event last Saturday night in Minneapolis.

The main event saw Chicago’s Jason Buck defeat local favorite and former wrestling champion Marcus LeVesseur by TKO at 4:20 in the second round.

LeVesseur, who won four national wrestling titles while at Augsburg, looked cool and composed winning the first round with his superior wrestling ability, getting an easy takedown and then keeping Buck on the mat for the duration.

The second saw Buck land a solid head kick about half way through the round that seemed to hurt LeVesseur. Buck tried to follow up with a takedown but LeVesseur stuffed the attempt and ended up on top of Buck in the half guard.

Buck became the aggressor on the ground, attempting a gogoplata and then taking LeVesseur’s back, where he landed a handful of illegal strikes to the back of the head. Referee Jeremy Ryder warned Buck about the blows to the back of the head and LeVesseur covered up, looking for Ryder to step in and stop the blows.

Instead Buck improved his position on his back and started throwing roundhouse shots to the side of LeVesseur’s head, and Ryder stepped in to stop the bout, much to the dismay of the local crowd.

In the semi-main event, former UFC and WEC veteran Logan Clark, fighting out of Eyota, Minn., battled Omaha's Anthony Smith in a very even fight that ended up with a controversial doctor’s stoppage in the second round due to a cut sustained by Clark.

The first round saw both fighters come out swinging, throwing lots of wild punches, with Smith getting the better of the striking with a couple of great leg kicks.

Early in the second round, Smith tied up Clark in a standing clinch and proceeded to pick him off his feet and then fall on top of him. On the way down, the fighters' heads collided, causing Clark to be cut above his left eyebrow.

Referee Ross Ogden allowed the fight to continue on, and as Smith worked the cut, it started to gush blood. When Smith eventually decided to stand up, Ogden stepped in instructed the ringside physician to check the cut.

After checking the cut, the doctor called a stop to the bout, telling Clark that while the blood was not going into his eyes, it was too big of a cut to allow the fight to continue.

A dejected Clark was visibly upset at the stoppage, while boos rang out from the roughly 1,200 people in attendance. Clark ended up needing 19 stitches to close the gash after the event was over.

While there was some controversy over the bout being awarded to Smith, since the cut was the result of a unintentional foul, the commission ruled correctly under the letter of the law. If the referee had stopped the fight as soon as the cut was sustained, then a resulting stoppage would have been a no contest, but since the original size of the cut did not warrant a stoppage, the rules state that Smith should be given the win.

Smith said after the fight that it was a disappointing way to win, and that two of his last four fights had been stopped that way, but that he would take it.

The only fight to go the distance on Saturday was a victory by Nick Kirk over Erik Vo. Kirk easily won the fight, taking down Vo at will. Kirk clearly did not enjoy being hit, as he was on the receiving end of a couple of great leg kicks by Vo, which caused Kirk to take the fight to the ground. Kirk was unable to finish the fight on the ground, but every time they got back on their feet, he was able to quickly take Vo back down to the mat and out wrestle him.


Robbie Gotreau (left) has his hand raised by referee Ross Ogden (middle) while opponent Brandon Abrego looks on. (photo courtsey of Ben Pherson and MNMMANews.com)

Also on the card, up-and-coming former All-American Augsburg wrestler Robbie Gotreau improved to 2-0 defeating Brandon Abrego by tapout due to strikes in just 39 seconds of the first round.

Seconds Out promotion’s next event will be July 30th at the St Paul National Guard Armory.

Complete results:

155 - Jay Buck def. Marcus LeVesseur by TKO at 4:20 of second round.

185 - Anthony Smith def. Logan Clark by TKO (ref stoppage due to a cut) at 2:22 of second round.

Heavyweight - Karl Knothe def. Preston Shane by TKO at :45 of first round.

145 - Brandon Bergeron def. Mike Plazola by submission due to a triangle choke at 2:18 of first round.

145 - Mike Jiang def. Bruce Johnson by submission due to a rear-naked choke at 4:44 of second round.

135 - Floyd Hodges def. Shaine Emmons by TKO at 1:51 of first round.

135 - Nick Kirk def. Erik Vo by unanimous decision (30-27 on all three cards).

205 - Mark Teubert def. Paul Hesch by TKO at 3:21 of first round.

170 - Robbie Gotreau def. Brandon Abrego by submission due to strikes at :39 of first round.

145 — Donald Williams def. Adam Schlepp by TKO at :32 of first round.


Floyd Hodges (right) connects with a head kick on Shaine Emmons (photo courtesy of Ben Pherson and MNMMANews.com


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